Job2Do is the batch scheduler for the rest of us, those systems administrators and automators who are tired of wrestling with cron/at, Windows Scheduled Tasks, and custom scheduling scripts, yet do not have budget for the products employed by Fortune 500 companies (although we think they'd like our product too).


Job2Do is 100% free. Why? This software was originally developed as an internal tool at a hedge fund with very sophisticated automation needs (24x7 global operations, 4 different operating systems). The software was so useful internally that it was launched as a stand-alone product. However, the chief architect of the software and owner of the business went on to do other things. Rather than let this useful tool languish, it was decided to give it away for free in the hopes that other small and medium-sized businesses will find it useful.




Besides the inherent flexibility of being able to access any command line tool/script/application on any OS, via Job2Do's plug-in mechanism the system's built-in job universe is infinitely extensible. We encourage 3rd party creation/sharing of Job2Do plug-ins.  For more information on creating plug-ins, please contact.


Focused on "The Glue" (or what Job2Do is not)


Job2Do is not a new scripting language - There are enough of those.

Job2Do is not a script editor - Enough of those too.

Job2Do is not a complete replacement for cron - If you want to run the same job every 15 minutes throughout the day, you're not really looking for a "batch scheduler."


...but this is exactly why Job2Do is simple - it does not try to re-invent the wheel and be all things to everybody.


Job2Do is simply sophisticated glue that binds together the existing (and future) functionalities of your command-line-accessible scripts and binaries.

Q: What is Job2Do?


A: Sophisticated job-scheduling freeware for small and medium-sized businesses


Job2Do is a distributed, cross-platform job scheduling (“batch”) system that allows you to easily and visually define jobs, dependencies, and schedules. Job2Do aspires to be the simplest, most intuitive batch scheduler you have ever used without sacrificing the core functionality that you need. Say goodbye to UNIX cron/at, Windows Scheduled Tasks, and custom batch scripting.

Who is it for?


Job2Do was designed for small to medium-sized businesses having sophisticated software automation needs. Whether you run 50 jobs on a single machine, or 500 jobs distributed throughout a heterogeneous network, Job2Do is the glue that reigns in your haphazard collection of scripts and command line-accessible binaries to create an organized, cohesive, and efficiently scheduled batch.


How is different?


How many OS-independent, simple, and free job scheduling systems do you know of? Rather than be solve-everything bloatware, Job2Do focuses on the primary task of tying together existing scripts, tools, and applications while striving for the optimal balance between simplicity, power, flexibility, and price.


Truly Cross-Platform


Many organizations rely on a variety of operating systems to run their business. Written in pure Java, Job2Do is OS-agnostic. Thus Job2Do batches allow you to seamlessly sew together heterogeneous networks of application machines. All you need is a way to call your script/binary directly from the OS or via a shell. Job2Do has been tested on Windows, Solaris, Linux, and Mac.




Running a distributed (or even single-machine) batch is complex enough. You don't want to invest precious time learning a new tool that adds another layer of complexity to your job. Job2Do is incredibly simple to install, configure, use, and maintain. Download freeware here and you will be able to run your first batch in a few minutes.


Aren't your favorite applications and tools the ones where you almost never need to read the manual? Job2Do was designed to be one of those tools. Just look at the screens and menus, and you intuitively know what to do. Think of the "Help" menu as being there just for reference and learning the occasional power feature. 90% of Job2Do's functionality can be grasped merely by clicking around the GUI for a few minutes.


Hard to believe? Download now - no need to enter any personal data or retrieve any license keys. This software is pure freeware - no catches, no time limits, no malware.


Main Screen

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Run History Panel

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